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About Us

Elegant Engineering is company registered in Turkey and trading in Iraq.
Elegant Engineering is a new company to Iraq; however the people behind it are not.
It is our vision to bring the finest engineering standards from Europe to Iraq and apply our services with Iraqi local labour in support of world leading subject expert engineers in each field we do business. This policy will enable Elegant Engineering to work to the highest standards of Safety, Quality and Efficiency without using costly expat labour. It is our objective to be high in safety and quality but low is cost.
  Elegant Engineering is proud to offer services in:
·         Scaffolding.
·         Flange Management.
·         Fabrication & Welding in addition to Welding Inspection, NDT, Blasting & Coating.
·         Civil Engineering & Construction 

How have we done this?

Elegant Engineering has assembled a team of the highest quality of Engineers from Britain with many years of experience at the highest level of the Oil & Gas Industry to achieve the best standards in Safety and Quality. We have carefully selected other companies within the UK and Iraq to join us in Joint Venture partnerships to maximize our capabilities to our potential Clients. This business model allows us to draw the strengths of each contributing organisation benefiting from their expertise in their field, local knowledge and networks to provide an efficient, safe and quality service.


Our Operations and Risk Manager is a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of Safety and Health with 35 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. He has worked in multiple global positions and worked for BP this past 10 years, three of which are were in Basra. Our Operations and Risk Manager has an impressive and proven track record in project management and of raising the safety standards within the organisations he has worked with delivering injury free projects time after time. The key formula to a successful safety performance is to promote simple safety standards in the language of the workforce and practice them from senior management down through the organisation. Elegant Engineering will provide quality project specific HSE documentation and compliance from the Planning, delivery and completion stages throughout our project work. Through his extensive experience our Operations and Risk Manager has identified world leaders and subject experts in Scaffolding and Flange Management and introduced them to Elegant Engineering.    


Elegant Engineering has now developed a Joint Venture partnership with Simian Risk Group who is a world leader in Scaffold construction and training. In partnership, Elegant Engineering will bring Simian Risk Group into Iraq with its world class reputation and standards and deliver a scaffold service second to none. The Joint Venture will consist of a training Academy in Basra which will train Scaffolders to International standards as well as partnership providing a world class Scaffolding services to our Clients in Southern Iraq. Together Elegant Engineering and SIMIAN Risk Group can provide a complete package of unlimited quantities of quality scaffold materials, trained and experienced personnel to manage, supervise, construct and inspect scaffolding contracts awarded to us. Both partners are already active within Southern Iraq with SIMIAN Group currently providing scaffolding training resources for the SHELL Majnoon Project and Elegant Engineering developing the Scaffolding Training Academy in Basra under the guidance of the only Iraqi national Scaffold Inspector recognized by SHELL, BP, GE, NAYA, Exxon Mobile, SIEPEM and Weatherford. Together Elegant Engineering and SIMIAN Risk Group will deliver a world class Scaffolding service to Southern Iraq.


Flange Management

Elegant Engineering has gained the services of a British Specialist Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years experience in the Mechanical Engineering and Technology sector bringing a wealth of experience and the latest methods and process and state of the art technology in Flange Management. Our Specialist Mechanical Engineer has recently completed over 16 years working for Amec Foster Wheeler. Elegant Engineering can provide varied mechanical services which can extend the life-cycle of vital process equipment, eliminating the need to buy new equipment and reduce the time systems are offline with our onsite repair and refurbishment team. This team will be trained to international standards and managed by our Mechanical Engineer supplying technical expertise, problem solving and guidance to our local Iraqi teams.
Elegant Engineering can provide:
·         Controlled Bolting techniques
·         Flange Facing
·         Pipe cutting , Bevelling, Match boring, Weld excavation
·         Milling of Pump bed plates
·         Laser alignment
·         Pump refurbishment

Fabrication & Welding

Elegant Engineering can provide a complete range of Fabrication, Welding services to our Clients. We can provide experienced and competent Fitters, Coded welders to conduct fit-up and welding on site as well as delivering pre-fabricated spools prepared in our work shops. We have a team of Inspectors to ensure the quality of our work is to our Clients specifications. Our complete package also consists of abrasive surface preparation and coating service to all specifications and materials and an NDT department consisting of NDT technicians qualified to international standards to support this package. Our teams are capable of working on new construction projects, general maintenance or provide work crews for major Plant ‘shut downs’ which require 24 hour coverage.

Plant Hire

Elegant Engineering can provide all aspects of Plant Hire to our Clients; delivering specific and quality vehicles and machinery at short notice if required. Our Plant Hire services are available for both short and long term hire periods and come with competent and certified Operators. Typical examples of Plant hire equipment Elegant Engineering can provide are:    
·         Cranes (various sizes)
·         Hiabs
·         MEWPS (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms)
·         Front Loaders
·         Pickup Trucks
·         Trailers
·         Side booms
·         Pipeline welder crawler
·         Sand Blasting & Coating Equipment

Civil Engineering

Elegant Engineering has the capability to deliver the highest quality construction projects specializing in Civil Engineering and structural steel work services. Elegant Engineering General Director has over 10 years experience managing many construction projects in the Basra region for companies such as VSE Corporation, SOC. LLC and Iraqi Government. Elegant Engineering can provide experienced personnel to manage and deliver civil engineering projects along with quality Plant and Equipment to get the job done.
If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of Elegant Engineering we will be happy to send a member of our management team to any location to give you an in-depth presentation of our services.

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  • Address: Carsi Mah. Ataturk Cad.
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